“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”- John Ruskin

Transcription service may serve many business purposes by transcribing your electronically stored files into text in cost-effective and hands-off techniques. There are numerous uses of transcription services which include error-free meeting and interview capturing, smartly training speech recognition systems, making SEO-compatible transcripts of a podcast or video, and much more.

In the current scenario, worldwide transcription services are used for transcribing interviews, meetings, webinars, lectures, seminars, court hearings, among other supportive reasons. Also, in government and non-profit organizations, there is a growing requirement for transcription services.

There are so many distinct options available in the market but how to choose the best transcription service provider is the real challenge. However, there are several factors to examine each category of organization or business. Look for certain significant elements while selecting transcription services.

  • Quality Assurance – Accuracy Is the Foremost Priority

In any transcription project quality is an important factor. In today’s speedy world, the accessibility of transcription services is important. As technology has given rise to many automated transcription services that influenced the demand for human transcriptions. However, it’s a well-known fact that the automated transcripts will only be as sound or unsound as the quality of the audio file. In concrete, manual transcription is still ahead of an automated one in terms of providing the highest quality of transcripts.

Foremost make sure to review the quality of service being offered, when it comes to choosing the best transcription service provider. One of the major qualities that keep a professional transcription services provider separate, is possessing skilled transcriptionists with superb language skills and has the capabilities to interpret regional accents and recognize punctuation and grammatical errors.

If you are looking to hire a professional transcription service provider to handle your transcripts, you should find a service that assures delivery of final product close to 99% accuracy.

  • Transcriptionists’ skills & Location

The transcriptionist role requires exceptional skill sets and multitasking ability as transcription is a specialized and challenging domain. Moreover, individuals specializing in precise industries will need additional particular industry knowledge.

Hiring a transcription service will decrease your workload and not keep you over-occupied with hours of editing. Thus, while hiring a transcription service provider, ensure that the company employs speak your native language. Otherwise, hiring a non-native transcriptionist with poor language expertise can result in errors.

  • Information Security – Look for Guaranteed Assurance

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) the term confidentiality is defining as, “ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access” and it’s among the keystone of information security. According to the level of data sensitivity, the need for confidentiality level may vary.

While thinking about hiring for a transcription project, the selection criteria typically revolve around speed, price, and accuracy (and not always in that sequence, it can vary). An unsuccessful attempt to hire a transcription service provider with exceptional robust security measures in place and appropriate safeguarding technology can levy a costly breach for your firm.

  • At Affordable Rates Get the Best Transcription Services

The best transcription service providers are pervaded by unbeaten accuracy, speed, fidelity, and an affordable as well as transparent costing structure. Further, these characteristics are nourished by a work delivery system that makes sure that your files and documents are transcribed plus delivered within quick turnaround times, which too in significant cost savings for your business.

Without compromising on efficiency and speed, it’s essential to select an affordable transcription service provider that gives relief to your business.

  • Do They Offer Transcription Services in Other Languages?

In this globalized world, there is a necessity for multiple language transcription services. In the USA, Spanish and English are the most popular languages. Still, for better scope and visibility, many countries have come across the requirement to translate their business-critical information to other major languages (based on their target audience).

Tech-Synergy provides its transcription services to all industries and professions including legal, financial, business, government department, media, academic, medical, and many industry segments at highly competitive transcribing rates.

We offer a budgeted, accurate and timely solution to all your transcription requirements. With many different solutions and options, Tech-Synergy is your one-stop solution for all things transcription because we possess 100% human transcription, a 99% accuracy guarantee, and most important assured data security.