These days, you can’t take data security seriously enough. Data breaches and personal information leaks are prominent topics in the digital age. Even the simplest misstep on your part can be disastrous for your organization, as scammers can gain access to all of your sensitive information. There are many ways to keep oneself safe when online, but you should be extremely cautious when selecting transcription software.

The risk of data security is substantially larger when dealing with general transcription services and outsourcing jobs. Your audio recording may contain sensitive information that could be exploited against you or your business. So, how do you keep your data safe and secure?

Choosing a reputable transcription service provider can be difficult, but it will provide you peace of mind and help you protect your sensitive data in the long run so Tech Synergy is here for you and also provide the best dictation transcription services.

Look for a reputable company that you can rely on

First and foremost, when looking for a general transcription service online, you should avoid using a firm that lacks excellent evaluations. When you submit an audio or video file, one of the transcribers is usually assigned to it. Who is this mysterious figure? Is he or she beside you? You have no idea. That is why you must seek a trustworthy firm that is accountable to its employees. It will give you peace of mind and ensure that your files are not compromised.

Data Encryption Is the Key

A misconfigured website is one of the most serious data breach sources. You can’t upload your files and expect them to be safe if it isn’t protected with good encryption procedures.

What should you do if you’ve never heard of website data encryption before? There is an easy trick: check the service’s complete address. When it begins with “HTTPS,” where the “s” stands for “secure,” that is the best option. It denotes that your information is encrypted. When someone tries to access your information, such as an audio or video recording, they are unable to do so.

It’s also a good idea to see if this transcribing service’s website has any encrypted login gateways. They are important because not only do audio and video files require additional protection, but your personal information (name, email, phone number, etc.) should also be hidden from cybercriminals.

Sign an NDA

A non-disclosure agreement is referred to as an NDA. It’s a document that assures you that your safety is prioritized. Some businesses provide this functionality by default; however, this does not necessarily imply that they are con artists. Even if the topic isn’t announced, you can simply debate it. If you wish to demonstrate that your privacy is important to you, most reputable services will sign this form. At the same time, if a corporation refuses to sign this paper, you should avoid using this service. This rejection is a warning flag indicating they are unwilling to go above and beyond to satisfy their customers.

Coverage of the General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR refers to the stringent requirements that apply to businesses operating in Europe. It entrusts the management of client data to a competent human transcribing service (or any other business). It indicates that when you engage a corporation, its security measures should be tightened. In the event of a breach, it should be made public. This page ensures that your data and files are handled safely and securely. Even if something goes wrong and your data is abused, you will not be left alone with your problem; justice and reparation will be served.

ASR Dependency

Though, depending on ASR (automatic speech recognition) or other automated speech-to-text software could be a costly affair. To keep any kind of data away from human intervention you may prefer to rely on software-generated transcripts, but do you know how trustable the service providers are? How much they are dependent on ASR software? It may possible your audio files are not 100% safe with such companies. To check their software’ accuracy and performance such may use your data for testing. Thus, before giving your sensitive data to any transcription service company, you should thoroughly research the service provider.

How Transcription Service is Secure?

When you look for the transcriptions service company you will get many options. Even many will commit to fulfilling your expectations; ultimately it’s up to you to choose the best from the bunch. You may choose a local transcriber or a service provider company, but always remember good service comes at a cost.

Ensure you have an NDA and GDPR in place- this will help you to make sure your data is secured and in the right hands. To trust a company always check that its site is secured or not. For this, look at the URL if it has HTTPS in the address then you are good to go.