By following the few simple steps almost anyone can order and get court transcripts without a lawyer.

A party sometimes to a legal case will appeal and whatever transpired in an early court proceeding interested parties need to review. It’s always beneficial to have a record of what happened during early legal proceedings to be ready for future hearings. If you want an accurate transcript then hiring a professional legal transcription company is extremely necessary.

The processes that attorneys and other legal professional documents follow to get transcripts are similar to the steps outlined below.

How to get court transcripts?

Basic four steps to order court transcripts:

  • Contact the Court Clerk: Clerk assigned to handle case documents in the jurisdiction occurred. You are required to have the case or docket number, involved parties, details of the court that heard the case and the time and date of the proceeding. For all the cases almost every courtroom record video and audio.

The acquiring cost and process of audio recordings can vary with each jurisdiction. Mostly you can find this information on the court clerk’s website. Before ordering it’s best to confirm what you are looking for and the costs by talking to an authorized employee in the clerk’s office.

  • Place Your Order: Next step is to place your order for the required audio recording for the case. Usually, clerk offices and court systems contract with an outside vendor or outsource to install the AV equipment to record and store recorded files. Be particular about the inquiry and know about the precise process for obtaining DVD files that should meet the standards or requirements of the courts and judges.
  • Research and locate: Look for a legal transcription service Irvine in search results that can help you to transcribe the file to a verbatim transcript format professionally. You are required to order a verbatim transcription as this method is needed if in future court proceedings the transcripts will be used.
  • Take possession of the audio file: You can place your transcription order after confirming the specifics of the audio file. Simply online uploading the file is the common way to request from a business transcription Services Company to transcript the court proceeding.

Why it’s important to select the Right Legal Transcription Company?

Many reasons are there to choose the right legal transcription company is essential. Out of them, the most essential ones include reliability, quality, accuracy, professionalism and ability to meet the standards of your court transcripts.

As a business transcription service in Irvine, we commit to the following:

  • We hired experienced transcriptionists who’ve passed a criminal background check.
  • We give complete support as you can connect with company management anytime.
  • We’ll guarantee the accuracy of each legal transcript.
  • We make certified legal transcriptions.
  • Before starting your work our executives can provide you cost estimate.

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