“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Market research and focus groups are essential parts of doing a business efficiently. When you start making money you can see the results of a well-designed marketing strategy. They will find customer’s expectations and can assist in identifying opportunities for improvement. Despite its advantages, market research and focus groups with conversations and interviews can be monotonous. There are many pain points such as listening or watching hours of playbacks, dependency on multiple tools, you need to shift through notes, and depend on software to get it done.

The requirement of strongly assess the target audience’s preferences can make the complete procedure of market research complex and a time-consuming task. No worries, if you simply record the interviews from your research, the procedure can be made effective with the help of a transcription service.

What is Market Research?

Market research is a process of conveying and routing the target audience to a particular product or service. Market research is usually done through indirect techniques like using surveys and questionnaires. However, based on the research’s demand sometimes the pertinent data is also acquired via direct methods like focus group discussion or interviews. This procedure is crucial for distilling the products and service features that would better fit the requirement of your target audience.

One of the major constraints that market researchers face is sorting out pertinent data through market research. Sorting out relevant information from the acquired data becomes virtually difficult without “something” that would make it easier and simpler. So, what is that “something”- it’s Market Research Transcription Service!

What are Market Research Transcription Services?

Market research transcription assists you with sorting out the audio/ video collected data during market research, and convert it into a text format. Using professional transcription services recordings are converted into a text document. Usually, such services are outsourced to the third-party i.e. transcription service providers, who possess highly professional transcribers and quality experts who utilize cutting-edge transcription tools. The ultimate motive of the complete procedure is to produce high-quality business transcription.

Several business transcription procedures are available in the market. Initially, you may not find these processes impressive and worthy, but once you understand their importance they will become an asset for you. There are various benefits of a business transcription service for your businesses.

Benefits of Business Transcription

  • Time-saving and enhanced productivity

Productivity enhancements directly impact profits. Thus, it is significant to evaluate the present productivity of the business. Anything that enhances business productivity is valuable to save time and money. Professional business transcription is an effective technique for the market researcher to secure time. No matter which tool a researcher is using to collect data; it can always be converted into a more user-friendly format using transcription services.

  • Cost Saving

When a business utilizes quality transcription services, it helps secure time making the whole market research process cost-effective. Outsourcing the transcription requirement can enhance productivity and reduce the overall expense.

  • Data Accuracy

One cannot overlook the importance of accurate and relevant data when it comes to market research. The client looks for precise data only, possessing the most accurate data, statistics and feedback would increase the company’s reputation as well.

  • Captioning Video Marketing Content

Transcription is not limited to paper but also applies to other approaches of video files, such as MP3, MP4, or WAV. In video marketing techniques and strategies, multimedia features can be equally useful. Foremost, when data is collected in video format, it needs to be transcribed in the same way to an audio file.

Next time you want to save time out of your market research, use a business transcription service offered by Tech-Synergy. You can use the time saved from market research in other productive activities.